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Closed for the season. We will reopen on March 19th 2021! Happy Holidays!!

Our Story

   Eno River Farm. A farm on the Eno River. As simple as that, right? Although our name may be self-explanatory, we think you’ll want to listen in on our story and how we established our farm in Hillsborough, North Carolina. And we think you’ll love it.
   What started as a project for a college class, Eno River Farm was a work in progress for two years before its opening in March of 2020. As an Agriculture Technology and Management major at Virginia Tech, Keegan Czesak was tasked with creating a business plan for a farm as his last project before graduation. Growing up in Wilmington, North Carolina, Keegan chose to spend every summer on his grandparent's farm on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, farming potatoes to be distributed to Frito Lay. With a passion for agriculture, Keegan chose to attend Virginia Tech to pursue a degree and career in this field. To him, this project represented a culmination of everything he learned about agriculture after his time at Virginia Tech and the many years he spent working at his grandparent's farm. 
   Excited about submitting his project, Keegan showed his uncle, Jude Samulski of Hillsborough, the finished masterpiece; a full business plan for his dream farm. Jude has spent more than 25 years working in gene therapy, specifically working with adeno-associated virus (AAV).  He is an entrepreneur, having founded Asklepios Biopharmaceutics, Chatham Therapeutics, and Merlin, and previously served as the Director of the University of North Carolina’s Gene Therapy Center. With Jude’s entrepreneurial spirit, he could see the light in Keegan’s eyes as he described the farm to him, and his passion and determination in one day pursuing an agricultural career. Jude had just recently purchased land near his home in Hillsborough to prevent it from being developed into real estate. For the pair, it seemed like this was a perfect fit. After listening to Keegan’s business plan, Jude suggested that they put the land to good use, by bringing more agriculture to the area with a beautiful, family-friendly pick-your-own farm like the one in Keegan’s graduation project. With Jude’s business-oriented mind and Keegan’s knowledge and passion for agriculture, they started their journey to further Keegan’s business plan and masterfully create Eno River Farm.
   At Eno River Farm, we are here to serve the community. We aim to be fully transparent and to make business decisions with the values of the Hillsborough community, greater Orange County and the rest of the world in mind. Starting with the first decision that Keegan and Jude made to save this land from real estate development and every decision in between, Eno River Farm will provide sustainable agriculture and a unforgettable visit for each of its visitors.
   On behalf of everyone here at Eno River Farm we're eager to meet each and everyone of you in and around the community and continue to build relationships that will be enjoyed for years to come. 

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